Unboxing the Samsung a03s


Samsung has released a new low-cost smart phone in the marketplace called the Samsung A03. The phone might not sound like much for some users, but when you consider the price tag, it really seems like a great deal. However, there are just some better alternatives out there, and Samsung faces a tough challenge fighting against them. With that being said, some might still be having doubts about whether or not the phone is worth the investment. In this article we are going to go over some of the positive aspects of this new phone and if they outweigh the negatives. We will also take a look at some of the negative aspects and weigh them against what the advantages of the phone truly are.

One of the best features of the Samsung A03 is its size. At only 3.5 inches it is just barely larger than the old model of the Blackberry Bold. While the A03 might not have all the extras that the Bold had, it does come with one of the best cell phones available. In fact, many people consider it to be the best cell phone on the market today. Many of the big name cell companies like Nokia, HTC and others have pretty much abandoned them in recent years and with good reason. Samsung has stepped in and provided a service that is just a bit better than their competition. samsung a03s

When you buy a smartphone the first thing that most people look for is the ability to do “unboxing”. This simply means that you can go into the retailer or manufacturer’s store, purchase the phone (usually with a guarantee) and then return it to get your money back. With the Samsung Galaxy A03, you never have to worry about doing this.

The Galaxy A03 has a well designed unboxing process. When you pick up your phone from Samsung, you will find that there is a plastic skin that protects the main display and the battery. On the front of the screen you will find the Samsung logo as well as an earpiece. At the bottom of the phone there is a slot for the SIM card. Using the tab at the bottom you can insert your SIM card and then power the phone on. From here you can perform the standard network and software set ups required to begin undoing your phone.

Upon unpacking your phone you will discover that the Samsung Galaxy A03 comes with a carrying case which is also made by Samsung. This case is of a very high quality and fits nicely on your phone. In addition to this you also receive a free micro SD card which can easily store around 20 songs. This can easily make the phone feel more like a real “phone” as opposed to a pocket PC.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the Samsung Galaxy A03 is a very good phone to buy if you are looking for a phone that looks and feels great. Despite its size, the Galaxy A03 is extremely slim and slender. This helps make it easier to operate as well as not having to carry any additional weight. The microSD card expansion slot helps to increase the amount of memory that is on offer on this model. Finally, when you purchase your phoneunboxing it will leave your PC without a hitch, making it one of the best boxed phones we have used.

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